What's your excuse again, exactly?

This past weekend I was in Raleigh, NC, attending a niece's wedding.  The reception was at the Royal Banquet & Conference Center, in a repurposed factory of some kind. Across the wide central hall, there was a coffee shop, the Lucky Tree. I was pulled in because IT HAD ART, YOU GUYS, AND I BOUGHT SOME!

This is The fish is having a great day because it is with the sun and the moon "77".  Is it not one of the happiest pieces of art you have ever seen?

The artist is King Nobuyoshi Godwin.  He is autistic, and this is his outlet.  Here's his artist's statement:

Here's my best transcription:

My name is nobuyoshi Godwin I have autism. Being autistic is okay.  I can see trees in my mind and talk with them.  Its blue and it it is 10. whew [when] I paint. I feel good because it is my jod [job].and I am proud of it.  I think people enjoy and think my painting is good.  I like drawing animals.  They are sweet.  that is 4400 and purple.  If I sell my paintings I can buy more paintcolors.and that is purple and is 4400.

Of course.  (There seems to be some synæsthesia going on as well.)

Godwin's subjects and titles are mostly similar: The [animal] is having a [quality] day because [reason] "[numerals]".  The numerals cover the surface of the painting.  The more I look at it, the happier I feel.

King has a website and a Facebook page; his art is for purchase here, and here.

So simple, so heartfelt, so ART.

What's your excuse, again, exactly, for not Making The Thing That Is Not?