my creative life at the moment

my creative life at the moment

In the best spirit of Lichtenbergianism, I am currently engaged in some truly awesome TASK AVOIDANCE.  In fact, it's in danger of becoming epic.

Here is what I am currently avoiding:

  • this website, clearly
  • Lichtenbergianism: procrastination as a creative strategy
  • designing Wake Up in Rage! (by Jeffrey Donald Payne) for publication
  • learning Drupal in self defense
  • cleaning out a conglomeration of tools nesting in the basement
  • working my way through The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published [EGGYBP]
  • working my way through The Fire Starter Sessions to figure out what I want to do when I grow up
  • getting everything prepped for the Carnegie Library's "Minecraft with the Mayor" event on Aug 6 (an end-of-summer reading party)
  • mapping out GPS points on Alchemy Burn's new land
  • a variety of projects in the labyrinth
    • replacing an endstone representing the classical element of Water (ironically because when I cast it, I had too much water in the concrete)
    • digging up the underground speakers to see why they're not working
    • re-leveling the black granite center
    • re-seeding the stupid grass AGAIN
  • one major project that is so overdue (and so critical) I am embarrassed to name it in public
  • making my own jewelry box for my earrings, since no one apparently has thought to make a small, at least a little masculine case for those of us who have to store multiple single earrings
  • composing — anything, from my secret symphonic project to a song I have in mind for a friend

See how good I am at this? 

Even better, the only reason this blog post is being written is to avoid all those things. But what kind of life coach would I be if I didn't tell you why this procrastination is a good thing? 

First of all, just listing all those things is the first step in kanban-ing your workflow.  Some of those items need to move to the top of the list just because of the time factor (Carnegie, Alchemy GPS points, Jeff's book); others can be put off (the labyrinth, until it's not 150° outside).

Also, putting it all out there is a good way to see what still interests you (Lichtenbergianism, cleaning out the tools, jewelry box) and what is simply not going to happen right now (Drupal, composing).

Rather than let this huge cloud of words swarm in your head, get it out of your head.  Untangle it.  Use that WASTE BOOK, or if you're real sucker for punishment, expose your laziness and insecurities all over the internets like me.  (Pro tip: it doesn't help.)  Look it all over.  Pick one.

Time to go clean out those tools.