Making it real

Julius caesar crossing the rubicon

Julius caesar crossing the rubicon

Whenever you start a new project, there are two fears that can keep you from even starting:

  1. The inability to see what it will look like when it's finished
  2. The fear of its failing altogether

For the first fear, of course, there's nothing for it but to dive right in with your ABORTIVE ATTEMPT and then shape it through your SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATIONS.  (Tomorrow we'll look at ways to do that.)

For the second fear, well, there's not a lot you can do about that, is there?  (I choose not to discuss ABANDONMENT at this point.)

Today I crossed a couple of Rubicons, in their way more definitive than establishing this domain and website.  Since the whole purpose of this website is to create an online presence for the book I'm writing about the creative process, it's mostly a marketing tool.  That means I have to have ways to reach out the world and create "buzz," as we say.

That means, first, creating a new email to which I can link all the efforts—which I have done.  Email me, why don't you, at and tell me how brave I am?

Second, it means creating a MailChip account.  Yes, I'm going to create a newsletter from my blog.  You should subscribe to it.  Yes, I will build an email list.  Yes, I will use it to let people know if I'm performing a workshop or talk somewhere.  You know, like marketers do.

Two major jumps off of cliffs is enough for one day.  Next up?  Twitter. 

This is getting real.