A little further

Yesterday was all about the ABORTIVE ATTEMPT of getting the domain of Lichtenbergianism.com purchased, and then figuring out which template would best suit the needs of my plans for world domination through procrastination.  Not the easiest task in the world.  It called for a lot of Facebook breaks.

Today, it's been SUCCESSIVE APPROXIMATION as I struggle to start filling in gaps (GESTALT) and shaping my future by creating more and more of the site.  (I began by writing a blog post over on my personal blog: pure TASK AVOIDANCE.)

I have resorted to STEALING FROM THE BEST: go have a look at personalkanban.com.  It has everything I want: the basic philosophy they're promoting, a book to sell, and available consulting services.  It was very helpful in deciding several issues here.  For example, yesterday I thought the blog should be front and center, but today I've put a real Home page back up front, from which I can fill visitors in on Lichtenbergianism and what it means before they begin reading how I (and others) using it.

I began structuring the Nine Precept pages and will next come up with the précis version of each precept.  Tomorrow, perhaps.