Here's a RITUAL with which every creative person is familiar: excavation of your creative space.

This may not look so bad, but it's three months (or more) of shedding from one project or another. 

When I cook, I tend to clean up as I go (like the professionals tell you to do), but in my personal space, I'm lazy.  I just set things to the side, or pile them up, then shift the piles, then layer the piles, then... You understand.

The moment finally comes when all the projects and deadlines have come to fruition (or ABANDONMENT), and that's when I ritually clean my space: sort, file, shelve, organize, trash, clean.  It truly is a literal manifestation of poet Wallace Stevens' metaphor of a garden that has to be razed in order to start afresh, and I look forward to it as a cleansing ritual.

So if you will excuse me...